Avrio Home Selling Team

I am a team leader of an amazing real estate team, the Avrio Home Selling Team and we work for Coastal Elite Real Estate. So why Avrio? Avrio is a Greek term that means tomorrow. This is an important part of our philosophy. We are the team of tomorrow, constantly looking ahead to identify the next trend, shift in the market and better strategy for buying or selling a home. Many agents have their tried and true methods of handing business but without a forward thinking attitude they get quickly left behind when the environment we all live in changes. We take a different approach. When we start to see a shift, we immediately identify expected outcomes and mitigation factors to take advantage of the shift as an opportunity, rather than simply bracing for the impact.

When buying or selling a home, it is critical to choose the right representation. A Realtor® is a trusted advisor; a professional who manages transactions for the largest and most expensive assets most of us ever own. When choosing this type of representation, it is important to ask the right questions regarding the integrity, honesty and communication methods employed by your Realtor®. Experience is important, but How many homes have you sold? should not be your first question. Rather ask So how do you plan to market my home? or What do you differently from other Realtors® in the area?.

You see, any agent can snap a few photos and put your home on the MLS but that's not what gets it sold. When you work with the Avrio Team, you get a team of professionals dedicated to the purchase or sale of your home. We work together on every transaction to make sure that no detail is missed and it provides our clients with the most flexibility when handling issues that may arise during a transaction.